> Caravel 2.5 Off-grid Inverter

Caravel 2.5 Off-grid Inverter

Model WI30-48-220-50-S
Rated Output Capacity  3kW
Rated Battery Voltage  48VDC
Over Voltage Shutoff 68VDC
Over Voltage Recovery 66VDC
Under Voltage Shutoff 42VDC
Under Voltage Recovery 48VDC
No Load Loss 0.45A
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Display Mode LCD
Display parameters Battery Voltage, Output Voltage, State  parameters
Cooling Mode Fan
Rated Output Voltage 110/120/220/230/240 VAC
Wave Distortion ≤4%
Output Frequency 50/60 Hz±0.05Hz
Dynamic Response 5%
Overload Capacity 120% 1min, 150% 10s
Inverter Efficiency Maximum 90%
Noise (1m) ≤40dB
Insulating Strength 1500VAC, 1min
Protection Function Battery over voltage protection, Battery under voltage protection, Battery reverse-connection protection, Output over load protection, Output short circuit protection, Over temperature protection.
Working Ambient Temperature -20~50C
Working Altitude ≤4000m
Working Ambient Humidity 0~90%, no condensing
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