> Caravel 2.5 Off-grid Controller

Caravel 2.5 Off-grid Controller

Model WWS30A-48
Rated Battery Voltage 48V
Rated Wind Turbine Maximum Power 2000W
Rated Wind Turbine Maximum Input Current 70A
Rated Wind Turbine Maximum Instantaneous Input power 3000W
Unload Voltage (factory default) adjustable(56V)
Unload Current (factory default) 0-50A (adjustable)
PV Maximum Charge Current 10A
Control Mode PWM
Display Mode LCD
Display Parameters Battery Voltage, Wind Turbine Voltage, PV Voltage, Wind Turbine Current, PV Current, Wind Turbine Power, PV Power etc
Communication Interface Module RS-232C (RS485 is option)
Range of Working Temperature & -20~+55℃/35~85%RH 
Humidity (Without Condensation)
Quiescent Current 30±2mA (100mA if the interface is RS485)
Protection Type Solar cells reverse charging, solar cells anti-reverse,battery over charge, battery over-discharge, battery anti-reverse, lightning protecting, wind tur-bine current limiting, wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake.
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