> Dongshan Island Demo Test

Dongshan Island test consists of an off-grid type Caravel 2.5 positioned on an island located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian province. The island is nearby Shantou which has a large wind farm, so it is a perfect place to test a wind turbine. GRPS monitoring has been set up, so that the data is sent from the island to our current office. The data is taken and recorded every ten seconds. It includes wind speed, generating power, battery voltage and turbine voltage. The test provides our engineers with real-life data showing how the turbine performs at all kinds of wind speeds, helping to measure its efficiency and wind resistance. The data received is used by our engineers to improve the design and maximize the efficiency of our turbines.

The test results confirm that the turbine reaches rated power and for the past two years the turbine has survived several typhoons.

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