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Pinnacle Technologies aspires to be a leader in the small wind turbine industry. To achieve this ambition, Pinnacle is committed to safety, quality and reliability in our wind turbines. We strive to meet the highest standards in design and manufacturing to deliver real value to our customers.

Our product range includes three models. The smallest is the downwind, horizontal axis Caravel 2.5. The two larger turbines are the upwind, horizontal axis Frigate 7.5 and Frigate 10. Each of these models has three blades. Our design philosophy is to simplify and minimize in order to create robust, durable, low maintenance turbines.

In response to the threat of climate change caused by global warming, governments around the world are encouraging the development of renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Properly sited, a Pinnacle wind turbine will pay back the carbon cost of its manufacturing and shipping in less than a year and it will repay the financial investment in less than half its lifetime.

Pinnacle Technologies is a Hong Kong company with manufacturing in Dongguan, China. Our products reach the marketplace through selected national distributors.

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